Our district uses the Everyday Mathematics curriculum.  It is a curriculum that continuously builds upon each lesson, each unit, and each year.  The spiraling curriculum offers students consistent opportunities to review previously learned skills, a variety of strategies to solve problems, and an understanding of mathematical thinking that will benefit students in their future math studies.  
As you may already know, some of the methods taught may be quite different than the way you were taught.  Although they may not seem to make the most sense to you, they do have a purpose and that purpose is twofold: 
1.  to provide students a variety of methods to solve problems.  
2.  to develop an understanding of math concepts that will provide a solid base for learning yet to come.

To help meet the needs of all learners, our math instructional time is divided into stations.  Students will rotate through 3 stations; teacher instruction, Khan Academy or Moby Max technology support, math journal and/or study link work time.  The small group instruction offers a more personalized and differentiated learning experience.  In addition to station rotations, students will be pretested prior to each new unit.  Results will be used to determine needs and abilities.  Instruction will then be planned based on needs.  Students who demonstrate they have already mastered the skills to be taught will be challenged with 6th grade math instruction.
To support 5th graders and parents I encourage you to take advantage of the Everyday Mathematics website.  This resource will provide online tutorials, a digital Student Reference Book, copies of study links and a variety of games.  It is not only valuable tool for reteaching and reinforcing, but also mathematical fun!

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