General Information

Assignment notebooks will come home every night.  Students will be encouraged to utilize this tool to help with organization and communication.  For the first trimester, I am asking the students to fill their assignment book out daily, bring it home, and ask you to sign it.  During this time, I will check the book each morning, support the students as they fill it out, and emphasize ways the assignment notebook can be beneficial to their academic success.  By second and third trimester the students will be taking more of an independent role when it comes to their notebooks.   By this time, the responsibility will be the students and I will only spot check the books as needed.  Students that are still working on their organizational skills may expect more guidance from me than those that have it figured out. 
In addition, we will use the assignment notebook as a valuable communication tool between home and school.  Feel free to write any notes/messages to me in the book.  Please remind your child to make sure to show me the note once at school. I will also use the notebook to write notes to students and/or parents.  
It is fun to celebrate and recognize birthdays in our classroom.  If you would like to send a snack to school, please make sure that it is store-bought (per school guidelines) and easy to distribute.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated on/near their half birthday.  (If there are any concerns about celebrations in the classroom, please call me and we can discuss this further.) I encourage you to think about other ways, besides treats to honor your child’s birthday.  We have had pencils, stickers, a game, puzzle or book added to the class collection in honor of a child’s birthday.  Because of allergies, sometimes treats can be tricky.
At least every other month, I will send home Scholastic book orders.  Scholastic offers current literature at very affordable prices.  If you decide to order, you can either order online or send cash or a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.  If the book is a gift for your child, just let me know and we can make arrangements to keep the order a “secret”. To order online, go to Our classroom code is J69MW.
Fifth graders in Hudson are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Camp St. Croix.  Our CSC dates are November 18, 19, and 20th.  We will spend three days and two nights learning together as a team.  Much more information will be sent home as the dates draw nearer.  There will be an informational meeting on an evening in October (date TBD).  I look forward to sharing valuable information and answering any questions you may have for this exciting experience.
I will be sending regular emails to update you on the happenings in our classroom.  They may not be weekly, but they will come as necessary.  You will still receive some paperwork, but there will be no classroom newsletter, as all communication will be through email.  
5S BrainTrain is my classroom blog.  A goal  of mine this year is to update it regularly, post often, and encourage students and parents to utilize it as a good source of information. 
Finally, you may also want to follow us on Twitter.  Two students will be our “Tweeters” and will be sending out regular “tweets” to tell you what’s happening in 5S.  If you're on Twitter, our Twitter handle is @5Sbraintrain.  If you're not on Twitter, signing up is free and we'd love to have you follow us.

Homework needs to be relevant, purposeful, and worthwhile.  Please follow this Homework Link to learn more about homework in 5S!
You are always welcome and encouraged to eat lunch with your child.  The cafeteria asks that if you are planning to eat, that your order is placed by 9am.  If you’d like lunch to be a surprise, send me an email or call the office and we will get it ordered without your child knowing.  If you’ll be bringing lunch, no need to tell anyone.
We have a short snack/milk break every morning.  Students may purchase a milk or a healthy snack (through their lunch account) if they would like.  Students are not allowed to keep snacks at their desks so please send a small portion each day.  Candy, cookies, cake, chips, etc. are not allowed for their snack.  Please send only healthy foods.
The focus of word work this year will include correct spelling of priority words all the time, learning of the syllabication rules, understanding spelling patterns, and utilizing Greek and Latin root means for building vocabulary.
Students must go home as they normally do unless they have a note that you are picking them up.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE THE BUS HOME WITH ANY OTHER STUDENT, EVEN IF YOU SEND A NOTE.  THE BUS COMPANY WILL NOT ALLOW THIS.  It is important that any transportation changes be determined prior to school.  Sending a note via email may go unread until after school is out.
Let me know what you’re interested in doing and we’ll find a place for you.  I may occasionally send out emails asking for help as well.
We will be looking for Book Club Facilitators. If you’re interested and can make a weekly commitment; we’d love to have you.  Book Clubs are a great opportunity for parents, grandparents, college students, neighbors, family friends, community members to be a part of growing a reader.  If you know someone who might be interested, have them email or give me a call.
Water bottles are encouraged in the classroom!  Please be sure the water bottle is spill proof.  Water is the only liquid allowed in the room- no sports drinks, juice, etc.  Other liquids become a spill/stain hazard on the carpet.
This is a year of transition as students are getting ready for middle school.  Because of this, I put together a list of what the focus is in the classroom:
RESPONSIBILITY – bringing their assignments back and forth and turning them in on time.  Being prepared for each class and behaving in a responsible manner in our classroom and throughout the school.
ORGANIZATION – keeping their assignment notebooks, homework,work areas and materials organized is a very important skill to bring to middle school!
ACCOUNTABILITY – taking ownership of their actions and decisions.
POSITIVE ROLE MODELS – being positive examples to younger students and other fifth graders at Hudson Prairie.
Please know it is my goal to work together with you and your child to make this year a huge success!